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Adding More Flexibility to Config Listener and Deployer

Currently, you can automatically deploy, delete or redeploy web applications automatically using the classes HostConfig and StandardHostDeployer. But this is tied to the single webapps directory. However, customer scenarios would benefit from flexible mechanisms that allow deployment of applications from different directories or even a central HTTP repository. The necessity of a revised deployment implementation is further stressed by the new undocumented FarmWar Deployer facilitating an automatic cluster deployment. Here, with the introduction of a StandardHostDeployer variant it gets clear that it makes much sense to use different deployment sources at a single host in a uniform manner.

To satisfy these requirements changes are necessary in the following areas:

  • Flexible ConfigListener configuration
  • Configurable StandardHostDeployer
  • More than one deployer or config Listener
  • Faster war META-INF/context auto deployment after changing a lot of war files
  • JMX Notification at StandardContext und StandardWrapper

Please, read the detailed analyze and change requests at the complete HostConfig/Deployer proposal.
First Comments from Remy Maucherat exists also.

The new Tomcat CVS Head has a complete new HostConfig/Deployer concept with really new usefull options, Thanks Remy!

by Peter Roßbach, Frank Wegmann